Ho Wang Online Training System

1. What is HWTS?
HWTS is a modern online training system that can provide a virtual online classroom. In this system, the students can view a slide show that controlled by the teacher. And there is a chat area for the students to ask questions. This program make use of PHP and MySQL database at the server-side. On the client-side, we use HTML + Frames + Javascript + Cookies. This system require low bandwidth because we do not refrash the pages untail it have new data to download. Another advantage of this program is, it can support Windows, Unix, Linux, DSB and any operating system that support a web server, PHP & MySQL database. The client-side can be Windows, Linux or Mac.(we have tested on Internet Explorer 6, FireFox, Opera & Safari) We are going to have voice streaming too!

2. Download HWTS
You can download HWTS at SourceForge with the below links:

HWTS v1.0-alpha2:[Upgrade from v1.0-alpha]

HWTS v1.0-alpha:

3. Online Demo
Check out the online demo at:

4. Project Status
This project is still under development! We are welcome to all programmer who want to join us!
You may visit our project page at sourceforge.net!

5. CVS
Browse our CVS files on cvs.sourceforge.net!


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